Are Your Past Mistakes Holding You Back?

Attorney Haskell can help you seal and expunge records in Bloomington, Indiana

Was your drinking ticket from your freshman year was dismissed? That doesn't mean that it isn't still on your record-and visible to graduate school admission committees and future employers. If you want to seal and expunge your records, reach out to Haskell Law.

Attorney Haskell will help you navigate the process of sealing your criminal records. He works directly with students, parents and other residents in Bloomington, Indiana and the surrounding counties of Monroe, Brown, Lawrence, Owen, and Greene. Call 812-961-0772 now to schedule an appointment with him.

3 facts about sealing criminal records in Indiana

3 facts about sealing criminal records in Indiana

Do you have questions about sealing your criminal records? Here are some important things to know about expungement law in Bloomington, IN:

  1. It's possible to seal and expunge criminal records for misdemeanors and felonies
  2. It can take anywhere from 30 to 180 days for your record to be expunged
  3. You can only expunge your criminal record once in your lifetime

Everyone deserves a second chance. Attorney Haskell wants to help you get a fresh start. Contact him today to start working on the expungement process.