If you’ve been accused of committing a crime, you may be facing financial, emotional, and social consequences. Not only will you possibly have to pay hefty fines or serve jail time as a result of a conviction, but your personal relationships, professional reputation, and future opportunities may be negatively impacted as well. When so much is at stake, do not put your case in the hands of just any attorney. Don’t gamble with your freedom. Let me provide the skilled representation, compassionate counsel, and trusted advice you need and deserve.

At Haskell Law in Bloomington, Indiana, I take a humanized approach to the law. To me, you’re more than just your criminal charges. I put in the time and effort necessary to understand the individual behind the legalities. Schedule a free consultation with me today to start fighting for your future. I proudly defend the accused in Bedford, Bloomfield, Nashville, Linton, Spencer, and Ellettsville.

What Charges Do I Defend?

No matter what kind of charge you are dealing with, you can rely on me to seek the results you need to put this difficult situation behind you. I have helped clients accused of a variety of offenses, including:

  • Assault and battery

  • Sexual harassment

  • Sexual assault

  • Theft

  • Trespassing

  • Burglary


  • Drug charges

Whether you’re facing a felony or a misdemeanor, I’ll strive to build you a solid criminal defense. Reach out to me today for guidance if you’ve been charged with a crime in Monroe, Owen, Greene, or Lawrence County.



About Drug Offenses in Indiana

In the state of Indiana, drug crimes are taken extremely seriously. The penalties you could face depend on the type of drug, the amount of the drug involved, and a variety of other factors, including whether a minor was involved, you possessed a firearm at the time of the offense, and whether the offense was committed near a school or park.

Indiana classifies drugs, or controlled substances, by dividing them into five schedules. Schedule I drugs have no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Schedule V drugs are at the opposite end of the spectrum, having accepted medical uses and a low potential for abuse.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your specific drug charges, you could be facing a felony or a misdemeanor. From hefty fines to jail time, the consequences of a conviction of this nature can affect every aspect of your life. Fight back with the help of an exceptional attorney. Contact Haskell Law today.

Let Me Fight to Protect Your Freedom

I pursued a career in law when I was 48 years old. I know what it’s like to start over, and I believe that everyone should get a second chance to build the life they deserve. I will fight for that chance for you. Whether that means advocating for you against your criminal charges or assisting you through the process of sealing or expunging your criminal record, I want to help you move forward.

My practice is built on human connection, genuine compassion, and lasting relationships. When you come to me for representation, I’ll serve as more than just your attorney. I’ll be your counselor through every aspect of the justice system, from the emotional toll it can take to any other obstacles that may arise.

My ultimate goal is to protect your freedom. You have rights, whether you’ve been charged with an OWI or DWI, a drug crime, or another criminal offense. Together, we can strive to uphold your rights and fight for your future.

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Give yourself the best chance of securing a favorable outcome by seeking out legal counsel as soon as possible. I am prepared to provide aggressive, dedicated representation and stand up for you in and out of the courtroom. Schedule a free consultation with me today at Haskell Law in Bloomington, Indiana. I serve individuals in the surrounding areas of Bedford, Bloomfield, Nashville, Linton, Spencer, and Ellettsville.


Everybody makes mistakes. When you do, reach out to me for help at Haskell Law. I will fight to protect your rights and preserve your future. Don’t let a criminal charge define the rest of your life. Let me help you put your mistake behind you. Schedule a free consultation today to get started.