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Guy H. Haskell

Attorney at Law

Throughout my life, I have pursued five different career tracks. From scuba instructor to professor to paramedic, I’ve worn many hats. However, becoming an attorney has been my most rewarding endeavor yet. To me, being an attorney means being more than just a legal resource. It means serving as a counselor, a trusted guide, and a true partner through the justice system. I’ll be by your side every step of the way, whether you’re fighting back against criminal charges or seeking an expungement. Schedule a free consultation with me in Monroe, Morgan, Owen, Lawrence, Brown, Martin, Greene or Orange County.

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Charges I Defend

You have rights. I’m ready to help you protect them.


Driving under the influence is taken extremely seriously in the state of Indiana. From hefty fines to license suspension, the consequences of a conviction can upend your life.

Drug Crimes

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, reach out to me as soon as possible to start building a strategic defense. Together, we can strive to preserve your future by fighting back. 

Assault & Battery

If you’re facing charges of assault and battery, your personal relationships, professional reputation, and freedom may all be at stake. Let me help you protect what matters most.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Don’t let a criminal charge threaten your future.

Seal & Expunge Records

You deserve the chance to wipe the slate clean.

The Legal Process Can Be Confusing

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You Deserve a Second Chance

Seal Your Criminal Record

Your criminal record can affect your ability to secure housing, pursue further educational opportunities, and land a job. Don’t let it.

Expunge Past Charges

Discover how an expungement can erase your criminal conviction and make it possible for you to pursue the life you deserve. In Indiana, the epungement statutes states that after expungement it will be as if the crime did not occur!

Start Moving Forward

Reach out to me today to discuss sealing or expunging your record. Let me help you build a future that is uninhibited by your past. It is a straighforward process that takes between one and three months, and I am very experienced in this area, having yet to have a petition turned down!

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What I Bring to the Table

Countless individuals in Bloomington, Bedford, Bloomfield, and throughout South Central Indiana have trusted me to fight for their rights. Why? Because I care about my clients, not just about their fees. Unlike other attorneys, I make a point to establish genuine connections with the people I represent, whether they need help combatting a DUI charge or expunging their criminal record.

A Client-Centered Approach

At Haskell Law, you come first. It’s that simple. Your needs, your goals, and your future will remain my top priorities as I work through your case. I strive to foster attorney-client relationships built on trust because you’re more than just a case number to me. You’re an individual, and I’ll treat you as such.

As important is the fact that I will never promise something I cannot deliver. I will tell you like it is--from best outcome to worst, and where my experience tells me your case will land in between. 

Prosecution Experience

I’ve served on the other side of the courtroom, so I know the tactics the opposing counsel may use against you. I’ll put my previous experience as a deputy prosecutor to work by anticipating any obstacles that may arise and proactively strategizing on your behalf.

A Commitment to Justice

I don’t just advocate for the accused because it’s my job. I do it because it’s the right thing to do. I believe that everyone deserves the chance to prove their innocence. Reach out today for guidance if you’re located in Monroe, Owen, Greene, or Lawrence County.

Often my job is not about "fighting" for justice, because most prosecutors believe they are fighting for justice as well. As my training in Aikido teaches, sometimes it is important to give in to get your way. In other words, having the trust of prosecutors that when I say something about my client, or advocate for a particular resolution, I will always be honest with them. These relationships of trust, when honest, can result in more favorable results your you, the client, than "fighting." But know that when a fight is inevitable, I will not avoid it if that is what is needed to protect your rights.