Great Attorney, Better Person

I was nearing the end of my degree, and had a hard time finding an internship for my addictions degree due to a drinking and driving related charge. I explained to Guy that I was a veteran of the Army and what steps I had taken to get where I was. Guy Haskell saw what was going on in my case and volunteered to represent me because he wanted to help a veteran by doing something, not just expressing his gratitude for my service in Iraq. Guy Haskell is a great attorney, but more importantly, he is a better person.

-Brent Crouch

Effective, professional, and reassuring.

I had been shut out of most proper jobs due to a felony for two DUIs within 5 years. I had to live abroad to earn a living but what's more, I was unable to work in fields that would give back to a community that has so often helped me in the past. Mr. Haskell represented me for my expungement. Not only did he succeed with my request for expungement, but he was supportive and encouraging throughout. I feel fortunate to have come across Mr. Haskell for my petition and if I ever know of anyone in a similar situation, I will most certainly recommend Guy.


100% Professional

Attorney Haskell was 100% professional. From the moment I contacted to him to the final result of my son's issue he was extremely thorough, reassuring, diligent and extremely patient. My son was dealing with a two-year-old incident that needed immediate attention. Attorney Haskell was quickly brought up to speed and he immediately took action. He was quick to return phone calls, emails, all with a kind and professional manner. I am grateful to have put my son's legal issue in his hands.


The Best Attorney

Visited from out of state and had an unfortunate incident where I was detained and my rental car towed. This left my wife alone in a city without any transportation, help or knowledge of what to do. She located Mr. Haskell's information on a Sunday and contacted him describing in detail what occurred. He was very thoughtful, knew exactly the steps she needed to do and even offered her transportation help even if we did not retain him! What a gentleman. We did hire Mr. Haskell, and he helped me in the best manner possible by informing me of the process, steps we needed to take and I could not have asked for a better attorney. He treats you as if you are family. Highly recommend Guy.


Willing to Fight for You

My son was arrested for a marijuana charge here in Indiana. He was facing some serious time, I found Mr. Haskell website and contacted him. He immediately showed compassion, care and understanding. He helped us set up the court date work with the prosecutor and judge and helped get my son back on track. He showed my son great care compassion and understanding and was definitely the person I needed to call to help us with the situation. He got us through all of this with the most minimal of all aggravation and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer who is understanding and willing to fight for you. Having recently moved to Indiana from Washington State guy Haskell is one of the best things that's happened to my family since we moved back here.


He Was Like a Father

Do not look any further than Guy Haskell when looking for a lawyer to represent you in court. Within minutes of requesting legal advice online in regards to my OWI charge, Mr. Haskell contacted me, and it was on a Sunday evening! From that initial phone conversation and throughout the entire process, Mr. Haskell provided prompt, professional and caring service. His advice of steps to take before court proved highly effective in my case's overall outcome. There were many unfortunate events going on in my life preceding my charge, and Guy was extremely understanding of everything and listened to all I had to say, even though they were unrelated to my actual charge. He was like a father. For anyone considering hiring legal representation in court for DUI/DWI/OWI charges, look no further than Guy Haskell!


Highly Recommend

Couldn't be more relieved. My son went a little crazy his first time away from home as a freshman at IU. He was caught drinking under age and was arrested. I'm so grateful that a google search lead us to Guy Haskell who walked us thru everything, took us step by step and eventually got my son a "sentence" of community service. Mr. Haskell talked to my son and lectured him in a way that made him appreciate the gravity of his bad decision. I truly believe that it made an impact as far as future decisions and I'm grateful to Mr. Haskell for this, not to mention that he talked me and my husband "off a cliff" as far as how freaked out we were. I highly recommend Guy Haskell!


Friendly, Honest, Helpful

Amazing! Super friendly, honest and helpful! I highly recommend him! All my charges were dropped and there is nothing on my record in the slightest!


This Guy is a Beast

Never went to the first court day. Got my case dismissed. I highly highly recommend this guy.


Professional, Competent, Attentive

High marks for a very good Attorney. My son was in need of a defense attorney and we feel Mr. Haskell represented him in a very professional, competent, and attentive manner. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Mr. Haskell if you find yourself in need of an advocate.


He Did Everything He Said He Would

Guy was awesome! Always professional and did everything he said he would do. Would definitely use him again if need arises & highly recommend him.


Guy Was Great

Guy was great & helped a ton with information along the way! Would highly recommend him to anyone needing help with the law or court! 5/5 would fully recommend.


Absolutely the Best

Best attorney ever! He personally answered our frantic call the day after thanksgiving for help with a relative’s DUI. He is a former prosecutor, so he knows how the system works. He was also very forthright and kind during all meetings/discussions. VERY happy with all the results. Worth every penny.

-Jane N.

A Great Lawyer

Guy is an outstanding attorney and even a greater person. You can tell he really cares about his clients and works his tail off to get the best outcome for your situation. He worked wonders for me.


Knowledgeable & Compassionate

Mr. Haskell was helpful from the very first minute I spoke with him on the phone. He knew exactly what to do for my situation and extended contact names to me to help me improve my situation immediately. He is very experienced in the technical but also a kind and compassionate person who I never felt judged me in any way. I was treated as a person who needed help; not a case number. He found solutions and walked me through everything. Mr. Haskell is an attorney I would hire without hesitation and trust you have made an excellent choice!


He Cared About My Freedom

Guy treated me like he cared about my freedom. He showed up to court with me on his mind and helped me feel comfortable through the process with talking to the judge.


Communicative Throughout the Process

Guy was very communicative throughout all the litigation and processes, ensuring I understood everything I would want to know. I felt he represented me well in my interests and worked closely with his contacts in the field to gain the optimal result!


Genuine, Insightful, Personable

I discovered Guy after my first encounter with the legal system. I was a graduate student at the time and looking for a local attorney to defend me in an OWI/DUI case. What first attracted me to Guy was his professional and very helpful website and then our initial phone consultation. Not only was he not dismissive or short with his responses like other attorneys I had contacted but what was important for me was that he was willing to work with me financially and negotiate the upfront price. As a graduate student, it would've been almost impossible for me to make those financial demands without these arrangements.

Throughout the process Guy was easy to get in contact with, showed genuine interest in my personal/school life which is why I was in the community, and very insightful on Indiana laws as well as the laws from my permanent resident. The fact that he was personable and funny only made me feel more comfortable and better about the not so good situation I was in. In the end, Guy was able to settle in court with everything he promised me plus more.


Not Just a Lawyer, but a Friend

My son had a rough year.. he had 3 different open cases. Which consisted of 2 Level 6 felonies and 3 misdemeanors. The hard part was there were 3 different incidents of him being in trouble in less than a year's time. I contacted Guy and he was able to put all 3 cases together and work out a deal and worked with us on a level we could afford. He answered every phone call/ email, which there were many from a stressed out mom! My son was facing much jail time, he was sentenced to a year and a half with a year suspended, 6 months work release so he will do 3 months.. This could have turned out completely different had we not had Guy on our side! If you want a lawyer who cares about much more than the money this is who you need to give a chance.. I feel like he was not just a lawyer but also a friend who like me didn't want my son to have to go to jail!


Turned Around a Bad Situation

I was in a bad spot in my life, and I made some poor decisions that led me to getting a felony charge. After calling several attorneys' offices only to hear from secretaries wanting money to schedule appointments, I decided to call Guy. Guy was the one to pick up the phone, and right then and there was able to give me a consultation. I didn't know much about law, and Guy explained everything in ways I could easily understand, making me feel on the same page as him with my case. With the help of Guy I was able to get an offer that dismissed my case and removed my felony entirely. Throughout the process Guy was quick to respond to calls or e-mails, and effectively explained any question I had. I can't recommend Guy enough, having him as my attorney was one of the best decisions I've made, truly a life saver.


Incredibly Fair & Affordable

I was under a deadline for an important job opportunity coming up and I needed my lengthy criminal history expunged quickly, before the background check came back. From our first meeting I explained my situation and Guy understood the how important this was for me. Instead of taking advantage of my desperation, he quoted me an incredibly fair and affordable price and immediately got to work filing motions for expungement on 2 felonies and 9 misdemeanors. He was able to get the cases rushed through the courts based on the reputation he has earned with prosecutors, court staff and judges from years of service on both sides of the bench. In the end, my cases were dropped from my record with time to spare and I started my job with no problems. Hiring Guy was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Don't Give Up

Don't give up. Call Guy now. Clear the Record.

-B-Town Local

Best Attorney Ever!!!!

I had the misfortune of accidentally entering into Greene County after having an auto accident. Due to a concussion and hypothermia I was arrested for trying to seek help at a random residence. They charged me with everything they Possibly could and never sought any medical help for me. I called several attorneys prior to calling Guy and was basically told I’d have to plead out or take my chance in court hoping they would understand the circumstances. After talking to a Guy, I felt hopeful for the first time since the incident occurred. He was very sympathetic and even knew immediately that I had a concussion and hyperthermia just by reading my actions and responses in the police report. He offered me an extremely fair price to handle my case no matter how long it would take, even if depositions were involved. Other attorneys were telling me I was looking at $10000 minimum to get my case dismissed. Guy charged me less than 25% of that. He always returned my text messages and emails right away and when he couldn’t answer when I called, he texted me that he was in court and would call right after and always did. He always kept me up to date on everything happening with my case and encouraged me to stay hopeful. He went above and beyond to help me and instead of looking at my last he made me feel proud of what I have accomplished in my 7 years of sobriety. He even thanked me for my service in the Marine Corps. Guy has a way of sympathizing with you and encourages you to keep moving forward. He makes you want to be a better person. I was in school studying to be a paralegal and because of him I’m considering going back just so I can have the possibility to intern in his office. He is an honest, caring human being. Everyone should try to be more like him and this world would be a much better place. In the end, he ended up getting my case dismissed without even having to go into the court room. Thank you, Guy Haskell!

-Lori cook